Regions of Russia - Ivanovo 101

Ivanovo region is located between the Klyazma and Volga Rivers while the capital city is the main Ivanovo city. Although the smallest region in Russia, there are several attractions in the region including Klyazma, a beautiful reserve located in Ivanovo region’s Yuzhsky and Savinsky districts.

Population and climate

Ivanovo has a population of more than one million and the urban population makes up for 81.2% of the total population. The region is home to a mixed climate where summers are relatively warm and winters are snowy and frosty. January happens to be the coldest month in this region when average temperature can drop down to -12°C. July is the warmest month with temperature rises up to +18°C. The winters here are long and cold wile summers are short and warm.


Ivanovo has many rivers and streams including the Volga River which also functions as the main waterway in this region.  Overall there are almost 1,700 rivers and more than 150 lakes in region. The largest cities and towns include the capital city Ivanovo, Kineshma, Shuya, Vichuga, Teikovo and Furmanov.

Economy and Transport:

However, it may be beautiful but it is also among the poorest in Russia. The region’s economic growth is mostly dependent on the garment and textile industry. Some other industries such as agriculture are also flourishing here. About 70% of Russia’s total cotton fabric is produced in Ivanovo region and it has also developed an agricultural industry where cultivation potatoes and flax lead the crops. And then there is the impressive transport network which is based on railways, highways and a waterway system on the Volga River.


There are many attractions in the Ivanovo region and prominent among those are the capital city Ivanovo and a museum- town called Plyos which has a ski resort “Milaya Gora” in the vicinity. If one is interested in local history and culture then towns such as Kineshma and Yurievets are worth a visit. For handicraft item lovers, there are also villages like Palekh and Kholui that are production-centers of lacquer miniature. These villages also have various museums and artists’ studios where one can enjoy iconography. As for the many historical figures, the town of Shuya is a n interesting place to visit which is related to Prince Shuisky and popular poets Marina Tsvetaeva and Konstantin Balmont were also born here.