Regions of Russia - Oryol 101

The Oryol region is situated in the south-west side of the European part of Russia and the capital is Oryol City which has a population is more than 700,000. The largest cities are Oryol (capital city), Livny and Mtsensk and the region has a long history with many towns having been mentioned in 12th century chronicles. In fact, this region was once the borderland in 16th- 17th century and the focal point for many battles with nomads. When this nomadic threat had passed, agriculture thrived in the area and the region is now a leading grain-producer. It is also home to a large market of bread and supplies flours and other crops to Moscow.


The climate in Oryol is mostly temperate with winter temperatures dropping down to -6.7°C and rising again to as much as +20.5 °C in Summer. There is also an average rainfall of 500 mm and it receives up to 126 days of snow cover every year.

Landscape and Geography

Located in the forest-grassland zone, from north end to south, the territory is more than 150 km. whereas from west end to east border, it expands to almost 200 km. One of the longest rivers in Europe, the Oka River, starts in the south part of the Oryol region and gives rise to a land which is rich in mineral deposits such as iron ore, phosphate, lignite, chalk, clay, limestone, sand and peat etc. The region also contains Uranium ore deposits in its south-east part.


This region’s economy has a major tilt towards agricultural and the industrial sector. Here, the main industries include machine-building, construction material production and food produce.

Agricultural activities in this area are mostly focused on raising dairy, pigs, meat cattle, horses and poultry while most of the land is devote to plant-cultivation. Grain makes for an important part of region’s economy with rye and winter wheat being the leading crops but aside from these, Buckwheat, barley, potatoes, sugar beets and oats are also grown in large areas. Livestock farming is also quit popular in the region.


There are many historical attractions in the Oryol region and these are most especially to be found in ancient Russian towns such as Mtsensk, Novosil, Livny and Bolkhov. The region is also small and with good infrastructure so travelling by car is fairly convenient. The most popular tourist attraction in Oryol region is Ivan Turgenev’s State Memorial and Natural Reserve Museum which has a fabulous park and a complex of mansions. And then there is Bolkhov, a small town, which is arguably the most beautiful part in the region with 12 enchanting churches and a monastery.