Regions of Russia - Ryazan 101

Ryazan is situated in the central segment of the Russian Plain, inside the Volga basin. The Oka River runs through the region and the capital is Ryazan city which is also its administrative center. Ryazan shares borders with many other regions, namely Vladimir region, Nizhny, Penza, Tambov, Lipetsk, Tula and Moscow region, and the Republic of Mordovia.


Ryazan region has a population of more than 1 million and this is one of most densely populated and highly cultivated regions in Russia. In fact, the population density is 32 people per square km and the urban population of Ryazan region is 71%.

Landscape and climate

Ryazan is largely forested and includes Oka Biosphere Reserve as well as the National State Nature Park. Separated into 25 districts, the region is home to 12 towns and 26 urban type settlements along with more than 400 rural administrations.

The climate here is mostly temperate, continental and receives an average annual rainfall of 500 mm. Almost 30% of this rainfall comes down as snow and during winters, January is usually the coldest month with an average temperature of -10 °C with the warmer season reaching +20 °C.  


The most advanced industries in Ryazan are metal working and machine-building, power engineering, oil processing and food. Construction materials are also produced in the region as it is rich in mineral deposits. Other industries such as leather production and processing are also well established here.

Cities such as Ryazan, Kasimov and Skopin are the region’s main industrial centers and they all have a flourishing food industry where canned meat, dairy products, vegetables and fruits are common. The region is also known for producing petroleum products and textiles and specializes in the manufacturing of mineral fertilizers.


Ryazan has a rich heritage and many architectural monuments with unique compositions. These structures are of great archaeological importance and include manor complexes, church architecture, industrial buildings and merchants' mansions etc. Aside from these, the Oka Preserve is a major landmark of the Ryazan region, established in 1935. Solotcha monastery (15th -18th century) is another tourist attraction but there are also many more churches and cathedrals which demonstrate the local architectural beauty.