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Russian Baby Baby Names

Russian Baby Name Generator

Unique Russian Baby Names & Meanings


Lada (Goddess Of Love )

Lana (light)

Lanassa (cheerful)

Lara (fortified town)

Larisa (citadel)

Larissa (fortified town)

Laryssa (derived from lara, protection)

Laurente (russian form of lawrence laurel)

Laurentij (crowned with laurel)

Lavrentii (of Laurentum)

Lavrentiy (of Laurentum)

Lavrenty (of Laurentum)

Lazar (my God has helped)

Leena (illumination)

Lenusy (flower)

Lenya (lion)

Leonid (lions son)

Leontii (lion-like)

Leontiy (lion-like)

Leonty (lion-like)

Lesta (lestie)

Lesya (Protector of humanity)

Lev (Lion)

Leyna (bright and shining light)

Lida (beloved by all)

Lidija (from lydia)

Lidiy (from lydia)

Lidiya (of Lydia)

Lidochka (from lydia)

Liliya (Lily flower)

Liouba (love)

Liza (God is my oath)

Lizaveta (God is my oath)

Llia (god is the lord)

Luba (love)

Lubmila (loving)

Lubmilla (loving)

Lubov (love)

Lucya (Crowned with Laurels)

Luda (love of the people)

Ludmil (People, tribe)

Ludmila (Favour of the people)

Luka (from Lucania)

Lyov (lion)

Lyuba (love)

Lyubochka (love of the people)

Lyubov (Love)


Magdalina (of Magdala)

Makar (blessed)

Makari (blessed)

Makariy (blessed)

Maks (great)

Maksim (the greatest)

Maksimilian (the greatest rival)

Maksimillian (great)

Malvina (smooth brow)

Manya (obstinacy, rebelliousness)

Marfa (lady, mistress)

Margaretta (one of wisdom, pearl)

Margarita (pearl)

Margosha (russian form of margaret, pearl)

Mariamna (obstinacy, rebelliousness)

Marianna (like Marius)

Marina (from the sea)

Marinka (of the sea)

Marinochka (from the sea)

Mariya (Obstinacy, rebelliousness)

Marko (of mars, the god of war)

Markov (of mars, the god of war)

Marlen (form of Marlen)

Marta (The lady)

Marusya (bitter)

Marya (obstinacy, rebelliousness)

Masha (obstinacy, rebelliousness)

Matfei (form of matthew)

Matrona (Lady)

Matryona (lady)

Matryosha (lady)

Matryoshka (lady)

Matvei (gift of God)

Matvey (gift of God)

Matysh (gods gift)

Mavra (moorish)

Maxim (the greatest)

Maya (illusion)

Mefodiy (method)

Melor (Communist Creation)

Mendeley (comforter of the mind)

Michail (form of michael who is like god?)

Miesha (nickname for michael, gift from god)

Mikail (who is like god)

Mikhail (who is like God?)

Milan (Gracious, dear)

Miron (myrrh)

Miroslav (Peace, world)

Mischa (like god)

Mischa (like god)

Misha (who is like God?)

Mishe (russian form of michael god like)

Mishenka (russian form of michael god like)

Mitrofan (mother-appearing)

Mitya (loves the earth)

Modest (moderate, sober)

Modya (moderate, sober)

Moriz (dark skinned)

Motka (gods gift)

Motya (gift of God)

Mstislav (Vengeance and glory)


Nada (hope)

Nadenka (hope)

Nadezhda (Hope)

Nadia (Filled with hope)

Nadine (Filled with hope)

Nadya (hope)

Nadyenka (hope)

Nadzieja (Filled with hope)

Naida (water nymph)

Narkissa (daffodil)

Nastasia (resurrection)

Nastasja (resurrection)

Nastassia (resurrection)

Nastassiya (resurrection)

Nastassja (resurrection)

Nastassya (resurrection)

Nastasya (resurrection)

Nastenka (resurrection)

Nastya (resurrection)

Nata (Birthday of Christ)

Nataliya (birthday)

Natalya (birthday)

Natascha (derived from natalie, birthday)

Natasha (birthday)

Natashia (derived from natalie, birthday)

Natyashenka (born at christmas)

Naum (comfort)

Nazar (of Nazareth)

Nazariy (of Nazareth)

Nelly (shining light, or most beautiful woman)

Nesha (russian form of agnes, pure)

Nestor (Homecoming)

Nesy (russian form of agnes, pure)

Nicolai (russian form of nicholas victory of the people)

Nika (victor of the people)

Nikhil (complete)

Nikifor (victory-bearer)

Nikita (unconquerable)

Nikodim (victory of the people)

Nikolaevna (belongs to god)

Nikolai (victor of the people)

Nikon (Victory)

Nina (favor; grace)

Ninockha (grace)

Nitca (born at christmas)

Nona (ninth)

Nonna (God-blessed)


Ogafia (good)

Ogrifina (wild horse)

Ogrofenka (wild horse)

Ogrufena (wild horse)

Ogrufina (wild horse)

Oksana (Praise be to God)

Oksanochka (praise be to god)

Olechka (holy)

Oleg (dedicated to the gods; holy)

Olenka (holy)

Olezka (holy)

Olga (dedicated to the gods; holy)

Olien (the dear one)

Olya (dedicated to the gods; holy)

Onisim (Profitable, useful)

Ony (eagle)

Orel (eagle)

Orlenda (f eagle)

Orrel (eagle)

Osip (God shall add another son)

Ovdotia (good-seeming)

Ovdotya (good-seeming)


Pabiyan (russian form of fabian bean farmer)

Pankrati (all power)

Pankratii (all power)

Pankratiy (all power)

Paraaha (born on good friday)

Parasha (born on good friday)

Parashie (born on good friday)

Pasha (small)

Pashenka (little)

Patya (most high, supreme)

Pavel (small)

Pavipv (little)

Pavlik (little form of paul)

Pavlo (little form of paul)

Pavlusha (little)

Pavlushka (little)

Pavlushshenka (little)

Pavlya (little)

Pelageya (of the sea)

Petenka (stone)

Petya (rock, stone)

Pheodora (divine gift)

Polina (of Apollo)

Praskoviya (preparation)

Pratham (first)

Prokhor (leader of the dance)

Prokopiy (advance, progress)

Prokopy (advance, progress)

Pyotr (rock, stone)


Rada (Happy, willing)

Radinka (counsel)

Radomil (happy favor)

Radomir (Happy, willing)

Raisa (Relaxed)

Regina (queen)

Renata (born again)

Rishim (sage)

Robert (Bright fame)

Rodion (sprung from a hero)

Rodya (sprung from a hero)

Roksana (dawn)

Rolan (famous land)

Roman (Roman)

Romochka (a roman)

Roshan (illumination)

Rostislav (Growth, glory)

Rostya (usurp-glory)

Roza (Rose)

Rozalina (form of Rosalind)

Rudolf (Fame, wolf)

Rufina (Woman with red hair)

Rurik (famous power)


Sabina (Sabine)

Sacha (defender of mankind)

Salvik (pet form of stanislav)

Samuil (heard of God)

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Sanvi (knowledge)

Sanya (to dream)

Sasha (defender of mankind)

Sasha (defender of mankind)

Sashenka (defender and helper of mankind)

Sashura (defender of mankind)

Sashura (defender of mankind)

Saveli (Sabine; a follower of another religion)

Saveliy (Sabine)

Savely (Sabine; a follower of another religion)

Savin (Sabine; a follower of another religion)

Savina (a sabine woman)

Savva (old man)

Semyon (hearkening)

Serafim (sergeant)

Serafima (burning one)

Serafina (burning one)

Serge (servant)

Sergei (form of steven)

Sergej (sergeant)

Sergey (sergeant)

Serguei (the attendant)

Sevastian (from Sebaste)

Sevastyan (from Sebaste)

Sezja (protector)

Sharmila (blissful one)

Shashenka (defender of man)

Shura (defender of mankind)

Shura (defender of mankind)

Shurik (defender of man)

Shurochka (defender of man)

Simon (flat- or snub-nosed)

Sinovia (stranger)

Siny (stranger)

Slava (Glory)

Slava (Glory)


Snezhana (From the land of snow)

Sofia (wisdom)

Sofiya (wisdom)

Sofya (wisdom)

Sonechka (wise)

Sonya (wisdom)

Spiridon (spirit)

Stanimir (stand, become)

Stanislav (Become, glory)

Stanislov (glory)

Stas (glorious government)

Stasia (resurrection)

Stasy (reborn)

Stasya (glorious government)

Stefan (crown)

Stepan (crown)

Sveta (light)

Svetlana (Light, world)

Svyatopolk (Blessed people)

Svyatoslav (Blessed, holy)

Syuzanna (lily)

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Taisia (Unknown, perhaps poor one)

Talya (birthday)

Tamara (palm tree)

Tamarah (palm tree)

Tanya (father)

Taras (to cross, to transgress)

Tasha (birthday)

Tatiana (father)

Tatyana (father)

Tatyanna (father)

Tavisha (heaven)

Terenti (rub, turn, twist)

Thedya (gods gift)

Tikhon (hitting the mark)

Timofei (to honor God)

Timofey (to honor God)

Timofiy (to honor God)

Timour (iron)

Timur (Iron)

Tit (fire; to burn)

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Tolenka (from the east)

Tolkin (wave)

Tolya (from the east)

Toma (twin)

Toma (palm tree)

Tosya (beyond expectation)

Tusya (beyond expectation)


Uliana (descended from Jupiter Jove)

Ulyana (soft-haired, youthful)

Urie (god is light)

Ustin (form of justin)

Ustinya (fair, just)


Vadim (to know)

Valentina (Strong and sound)

Valeri (to be healthy, to be strong)

Valerii (to be healthy, to be strong)

Valeriy (to be healthy, to be strong)

Valeriya (to be healthy, to be strong)

Valery (to be healthy, to be strong)

Vanechka (gods gift)

Vanja (God is gracious)

Vanka (grace, or favoured by god)

Vanmra (stranger)

Vann (God is gracious)

Vanya (God is gracious)

Vanyusha (gods gift)

Varfolomei (son of Talmai)

Varfolomey (son of Talmai)

Varinka (foreign; strange)

Varnava (son of exhortation)

Varushka (foreign; strange)

Varvara (foreign; strange)

Varya (foreign; strange)

Vas (royal)

Vasili (king)

Vasilisa (Queen)

Vasilissa (royal)

Vasiliy (king)

Vasily (king)

Vassi (royal)

Vassillissa (royal)

Vassily (king)

Vasya (king)

Veda (knowledge, understanding)

Vedika (consciousness, altar, a river in india)

Venedikt (blessed)

Veniamin (son of the right hand)

Venyamin (son of the right hand)

Vera (Faith)

Verochka (true)

Veronika (bringer of victory)

Verusha (Verity, truth)

Vikenti (conquering)

Vikentiy (conquering)

Viktor (conquering)

Viktoriya (conqueror)

Vilma (resolute protector)

Vitali (of life; vital)

Vitaliy (of life; vital)

Vitaliya (Full of life)

Vitaly (of life; vital)

Vitya (of life; vital)

Vlad (ruler)

Vladik (peaceful or has glory)

Vladimir (Great, famous)

Vladimira (Greatest ruler)

Vladislav (Rule, glory)

Vladislava (Famous ruler)

Vladlena (to rule with greatness)

Vladmir (has peace)

Vladmiri (has peace)

Vladya (peaceful)

Vlasii (talks with a lisp)

Vlasiy (peaceful ruler)

Volody (peaceful)

Volya (Will, freedom)

Vova (peaceful ruler)

Vsevolod (Rule, all)

Vyacheslav (more glory)


Yakim (Jehovah raises up)

Yakov (supplanter)

Yalenchka (russian form of helen, light)

Yalens (russian form of helen, light)

Yana (bear)

Yaromir (spring peace)

Yaropolk (spring people)

Yaroslav (spring glory)

Yaroslava (spring glory)

Yasha (supplanter)

Yefim (Well I speak)

Yefrem (fruitful)

Yegor (Earth-worker, farmer)

Yekaterina (pure)

Yelena (torch)

Yelizaveta (God is my oath)

Yemelyan (rival)

Yermolai (people of Hermes)

Yesfir (star)

Yeva (life)

Yevdokiya (good-seeming)

Yevgeni (well born)

Yevgeniy (well born)

Yevgeniya (well born)

Yevgeny (well born)

Yevpraksiya (Good, action)

Yuli (descended from Jupiter Jove)

Yulia (descended from Jupiter Jove)

Yulian (descended from Jupiter Jove)

Yuliana (descended from Jupiter Jove)

Yuliy (descended from Jupiter Jove)

Yuliya (descended from Jupiter Jove)

Yuri (earth-worker, farmer)

Yurik (farmer)

Yuriy (earth-worker, farmer)

Yustina (fair, just)


Zakhar (whom Jehovah remembered)

Zarya (morning star)

Zasha (peoples defender)

Zasha (peoples defender)

Zenaida (from zeus)

Zenochka (from zeus)

Zeny (russian form of eugenia, noble)

Zernebog (black god)

Zhanna (God is gracious)

Zhenechka (noble)

Zhenya (well born)

Zhorah (farmer)

Zilya (harvester)

Zina (of Zeus)

Zinaida (of Zeus)

Zinovia (life of Zeus)

Zinoviy (life of Zeus)

Zinoviya (life of Zeus)

Zivon (alive)

Zlata (golden)

Zory (farmer)

Zoya (life)

Zoyechka (life)

Zoyenka (life)